Hiccups after eating-Hiccups with food

Hiccups after eating food

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Hiccups with food-Hiccups after eating

Hiccups after eating: Hiccups are caused when the ‘Epiglottis’ snaps closed; this is what causes the ‘hiccup’ sound, it is the forcing of air into the lungs by the diaphragm which causes the ‘hiccups’ in the first place. The two actions together cause a chain reaction which is commonly known as ‘Hiccups.’

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Hiccups after eating: Causes

 There are many causes of hiccups after eating, such as:-

  • Temperature change,
  • Emotional change
  • Food choices such as bread
  • How quickly you eat, if you rush your food you can start a bout of hiccups

However, hiccups should never last more than a few minutes, if they do last more than 48 hours, (which is very rare) then you should seek medical advice due to the fact that they can be hiding a serious underlying medical condition.

Foods that are known to cause hiccups

 There are a few different foods which have been researched to discover which foods will cause hiccups, although it is different in every person in the world, there are some common similarities with foods and hiccups:-

  • Hot foods with plenty of spice such as very hot curries and chillies.
  • Hot and spicy liquids can also cause hiccups such as Tabasco sauce.
  • Fizzy drinks such as Lemonade, coke and Sparkling water due to swallowing air while you drink.
  • Alcohol consumption, especially if you drink a lot of it at once.
  • Breads, especially if they are eaten dry without butter or a spread on them.
 Eating quickly too many
  • Eating way too much that you should be can cause the diaphragm to become irritated. It can start contracting and cause hiccups in the process. People, who tend to eat too fast, tend to swallow too much food too quickly. That is also one reason why hiccups can occur. People, who overeat, tend to experience more hiccups too.
Diaphragmatic spasms
  • Diaphragm is rested below the lungs as a muscle to help you with your breathing, the diaphragm contracts and stretches when you breathe, although occasionally something will irritate this dome shaped muscle causing you to ‘hiccup’ a few times.

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