Hiccups during pregnancy-Pregnant hiccups

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Hiccups during Early Pregnancy

Pregnant hiccups-Hiccups during pregnancy

Hiccups during Pregnancy: Hiccups can occur in a pregnant woman at least 3 to 4 times a day, even during the time of midnight. Hiccups could be in the form of short hics. This is pretty normal. During pregnancy, the lungs usually inhales and exhales at least 30% to 40% extra air with each breath. You are probably breathing faster through this. With first pregnancy, it is quite common to have hiccups all the time during the day or even at times during midnight. It’s not something that pregnant women should be concerned about, because they are pretty normal. Hiccups are said to be occurring due to the position of the sleep and the amount of air intake that occurs while sleeping. You might just have to reposition your gut, to be able to make extra room for the baby. As a result the diaphragm might just get out of place a bit. This does not affect the oxygen intake of the baby, just could be a bit irritating at times.

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Cause of Hiccups during Pregnancy

It is quite normal for a baby to experience fetal hiccups of having hiccups while in the womb of its mother. Most pregnant women feel the fetal hiccups. This could be made more obvious with ultrasonography. Babies may starts hiccupping at early stages at the end of the first trimester and at the beginning of the second trimester. Pregnant women will be noticing such hiccups rhythmically that are series of movements at least a few times a day. This depends of women to women. Some might experience hiccups at any time during pregnancy. During the time of pregnancy, the mother would experience at least 30% to 40% of more air inhale and exhale to breather in and out.  The mother would probably be breathing faster. This plays an important physiological change in any hiccups during pregnancy. Although hiccups are not a common form or common symptom of pregnancy, it might occur during the pregnancy. They most happen at the last trimester or at earlier period of second trimester. There is no specific number or percentage of women that might be having hiccups during pregnancy. But according to stats, at 2 out of every woman will have shortness in breath or experience hiccups at the time when they are pregnant.

Examples of Hiccups during Pregnancy

Having hiccups during the time of pregnancy is quite normal according to doctors or people who already have been through the stages of pregnancy. One woman talks about how she used to have hiccups all day with her 10 month old daughter. It is not just the mother who has hiccups, it’s pretty normal with her baby to be experiencing hiccups while in the womb. The woman says she is almost 22 months pregnant and she gets like at least 2 to 3 hiccups per week. That should be considered pretty normal.

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